The economy had gone through a lot of bashing before Buhari –Ex-Gov

He added, “On the economy, I know for a fact that the economy had been ruined and battered with huge debts. By the time the PDP left power, the cost of servicing Nigeria’s debt was in excess of N1trn.

“Check the budget of 2015: the cost of servicing our foreign and local debts was already in excess of N1trn. Even at a time when the price of crude was $108 per barrel, the federal budget was 85 percent recurrent and 15 percent capital.”

“If you review the comments by Senate and House of Representatives they always complained that the budget did not perform up to 40 percent even when our oil revenue was $108 per barrel.

“Now, imagine the reality that the price of crude has dropped to $44/$45 per barrel. This year’s budget is $42 or $45; that’s almost 60 percent or 55 percent, compounded by loss of volume of crude, this time, not arising from theft, but from renewed militancy in the Niger Delta region, which everybody is talking about. But no one is talking about crude oil theft now like it was celebrated two years ago. I think those are huge improvements.

“The economy has gone through much bashing, abuses, looting – with all the revelations that are coming out now, and compounded by the low price of crude. If people are thinking there is a miracle to be done, it is to the extent that Buhari attracts much trust and huge expectation from the people.”

He explained that his relationship with a National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, was not based on financial benefit.

Oshiomhole stated, “My relationship with our party leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is not defined by money; that’s not it. Incidentally, in 2007, I think he fought the battle of his life. The PDP was determined to claim Lagos and Asiwaju was transiting, working to get BRF (Fashola) elected. You will not forget that battle.

“What I found very inspiring about Tinubu is his courage to fight and damn the consequences. I already built a lot of that in NLC. But I was new in terms of partisanship because the political system I met was a bit different from the organised labour.  I had always maintained a good relationship with Asiwaju even as an NLC leader, because of his radical and progressive views.”


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