NASA predicts heavier rain in Nigeria, tropics

NASA scientists in a new study of climate change said the latest predictive climate models underestimate future levels of precipitation in Nigeria and other places in the tropics. The tropics … Continue reading

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Google AlphaGo beats China’s World No 1 player

Google’s artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, beat Chinese Go master Ke Jie for a second time on Thursday, taking an unassailable 2-0 lead in a best of three series meant to … Continue reading

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27-year-old Nigerian, Benson wins £25,000 for tutoring app

A 27-year-old Nigerian, Godwin Benson has won an engineering award given by  the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering for the tutoring app developed by him. According to the BBC, Benson, … Continue reading

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China hit by global ransomware attack

“Hundreds of thousands” of Chinese computers at nearly 30,000 institutions, including government agencies have been hit by the global ransomware attack, a leading Chinese security-software provider has said, though the … Continue reading

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100 countries reports cyber attack, blocked in US

About 100 countries have reported a cyber attack that  has infected tens of thousands of computers and especially disrupted Britain’s health system and global shipper FedEx. Cyber extortionists tricked victims … Continue reading

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Scientists in Sweden, built the world’s fastest camera

Scientists in Sweden have built the world’s fastest camera, capable of snapping 5 trillion images per second — that’s an image every 0.2 trillionths of a second. Last year, scientists … Continue reading

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Moth caterpillar feasts on plastic – Scientists

A moth caterpillar commonly bred to provide fish bait feasts on a notoriously resistant plastic, scientists reported Monday, raising hopes the creature can help manage the global problem of plastic-bag … Continue reading

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Six ways Facebook empowers small businesses

Facebook and Instagram want to build and empower communities, which is why they are committed to helping small businesses grow. As more users turn to their phones to make new … Continue reading

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China set to launch cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 into space in April

China’s first cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 is scheduled to be launched into space between April 20 and 24, according to the office of China’s manned space program. The team responsible for … Continue reading

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Samsung Electronics introduces Galaxy S8 series smartphones

Samsung Electronics has introduced the Galaxy S8 series smartphones, even as it waits to take a decision on whether or not to sell the refurbished versions of the Galaxy Note … Continue reading

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